Gay bathhouse in Tampa welcomes RNC members for free

As your resident correspondent at Death and Taxes for all things RNC (5 days and counting!) I thought it would be nice to draw to your attention to a break from the typically homogenous tastes surrounding conservative culture. We have covered at length how Tampa’s strip clubs have been anticipating the RNC. Now we’re happy to report that there will be a place for all the gay-bashing-homophobes to get their man-on-man action on.

Ybor Resort & Spa will be opening their bathhouse to RNC members for free. You heard that right, all the Larry Craigs of the world will have their chance to cheat on their wives with the boys of Tampa. Ybor Resort & Spa boasts themselves as Tampa’s only gay bathhouse. As Joe My God reports, the bath house is literally around the block from the venue.

Above the advertisement, the spa boasts the brand new dark room called “A shot in the Dark.” So anybody who would like to accidentally get it on with the likes of Steve King and Bill O’Reilly, have at it! My mind is reeling with the possibilities. Stay tuned for more vital information on the number one party of 2012.

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