Man dressed up as Bigfoot becomes roadkill

In a bizarre, sad story from Kalispell, Montana, the AP reports that a man trying to create a Bigfoot sighting by lingering in the road dressed up in a “military style ghillie suit” was killed by two cars whose drivers apparently didn’t see him.

AP writes ghillie suits are “made to resemble heavy foliage and used to camouflage military snipers.” Randy Lee Tenley, 44, was standing in the right-hand lane of route 93 in this giant camouflage suit when he was struck by a first car. He was then struck by a second driver who didn’t see him while lying in the road.

Aside from the obvious irony of being rendered invisible whilst trying to create the sighting of the century, Tenley’s story seems especially sad since this same hoax was just successfully executed—and filmed, earning 2.3 million YouTube views—last March.

AP notes that Minnesota trooper Jim Schneider said motives “were ascertained during interviews with friends.”

He was trying to make people think he was Sasquatch so people would call in a Sasquatch sighting,” Schneider told the Daily Inter Lake on Monday. “You can’t make it up. I haven’t seen or heard of anything like this before. Obviously, his suit made it difficult for people to see him.”

Let this be a lesson: when pulling an epic hoax, remember to look both ways.