Web Wrap: Obama on Reddit, ICP are still the most awesome group, voter ID laws are still racist

In case the moon landing did not succeed.

Pizza Hut creates squirting pizza. We could not make this shit up!

The South Carolina Voter ID law is racist. Who would have guessed?

The 6 best video games that are not getting enough playing time.

One of our favorites Dan Deacon has a new Iphone app.

The real President Obama answers questions on Reddit. My question about having superheros patrol the streets was not answered.

Dudes: all that testosterone is bumming you out!

Paul Ryan’s brother calls him a “Career Politician”.

We might have replacement referees for the first week of the nfl. No word back yet if I got the job.

Ann Romney tackles gripping issues on Twitter. Just kidding, she talks about shopping at Nordstroms next week.

ICP are the best. Watch them watch Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”. Nobody can take a joke like a Juggalo. NOBODY. Family. Family.

Is Adele married?

“The Adventures of Pete and Pete” played a show last night.

10 architecturally awesome houses that blend in to their surroundings.

Assessing the damage of Hurricane Isaac.

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