Orbital and Stephen Hawking perform ‘Where’s It Going?’ live

Orbital… Outside of Boards of Canada, Underworld, Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers and Aphex Twin, they were one of┬áthe best electronic acts of the ’90s. More recently they returned with their first LP in eight years with “Wonky,” which is full of some great gems. Stephen Hawking is without a doubt one of the most popular and exciting figures in popular science, despite his obvious physical limitations, which might have demoralized many other people.

For the 2012 London Paralympics opening ceremony, Orbital and Hawking performed a song live. This isn’t as unusual as you might think. Orbital has long been fascinated with science (and environmentalism), so it seems only appropriate that they should team up with one of science’s greatest advocates and visionary minds.

In the video (above) Orbital and Hawking perform “Where Is It Going?,” a choice cut off of 2012’s “Wonky,” before shifting into a live rendition of Ian Dury’s “Spasticus Autisticus.” Hawking even donned Orbital’s trademark LED glasses for the performance. Pure class.