Sleepy bear cub uses his nose as a pillow

It’s Labor Day. Unless you’ve always been rich and/ or jobless, we’re taking the day off to celebrate your hard work and contributions to America’s success (and the fact that we won’t be seeing anyone in white jeans for at least another eight months).

Labor Day became a national holiday in 1894, just six days after President Grover Cleveland broke the infamous Pullman strike by sicking 12,000 troops on the workers. It being an election year, Cleveland signed the holiday into place “as a reluctant election year compromise,” writes PBS. While he didn’t win re-election, the holiday stayed, and now most people, excluding those working retail at Labor Day blowout sales, have a day off for BBQ, picknicks and parades.

We hope you celebrate by eating hot dogs and sleeping on your face, like this Asian Sunbear cub. Lord knows, you deserve it.

(Video: Neatorama)