Mark Ronson’s five best and most stylish videos

Our favorite DJ/producer/model-dater/world traveler – Mister Mark Ronson – turns 36 today. He’s responsible for some of the biggest hits of the last decade. From Amy Winehouse’s best work to Lilly Allen’s, er, short but awesome career, Mark has had his fingers on the pulse of what’s cool for a while now. Maybe his agent is reading this and will grant us an interview. Maybe. We can only hope.

Mark has always had a knack for visual appeal in addition to his music so it’s no surprise that his music videos look as awesome as they sound. Until then, here’s our favorite five Ronson videos.

Bang, Bang, Bang

Valerie, featuring Amy Winehouse

Oh My God, featuring Lily Allen

The Bike Song

Stop Me, featuring Daniel Merriweather


Anywhere in the World, featuring Katy B

used in this year’s London Olympics!