Web Wrap: Avril Lavigne looks like Skrillex, Jonny Greenwood’s ‘The Master’ score, and more links

This 81 year-old runway model makes me give up on going to the gym.

Tom Hanks is the best. RIP Michael Clark Duncan.

An in-depth look at the movies of David Cronenberg.

Avril Lavigne: New winner of the Skrillex look-alike contest.

Florida is not all meth and strip-clubs. Meet the first female quarterback in the state. She can beat the shit out of you.

Terry Richardson documented his mother’s last days of life. This is a must see!

Amazing/ horrific look back on the melting glaciers.

NBA star James Harden spends a lot of time at strip clubs. Who would have thought? (NSFW)

Who really still believes 9/11 was a setup?

Brandon Flowers
loves Las Vegas. In case you were wondering.

We covered Chris Brown’s tattoo already today, but because it is the most ridiculous thing for him to do here is another link. Instead of creating stupid Facebook groups, I recommend we all send mass mail to Live Nation.

Kanye watched Kim Kardashian sex tape while hooking up with other women. I could not make this shit up.

Stream Jonny Greenwood’s soundtrack for the upcoming movie “The Master.”

Before all you consumers throw out your iPhone 4, read these 4 ways the iPhone 5 might piss you off.

You need to see these solar-system-flavored lollipops.

Image: Dude skydiving into Burning Man, via Reddit

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