Web Wrap: Acid, questioning your college investment, and global warming timeline

We are pretty much fucked.

Guy does acid at a Frat BBQ. I can relate via going to a hunted house on acid.

8 really annoying type of video game characters.

There is a new Iphone out. Cool story bro. How about you take a look at where the parts of your Iphone actually come from before throwing your old one out.

The Yankees are crashing their car into not making the playoffs. No really they crashed their bus.

Articles like this make me happy to be alive.

This one as well. Thank you Amy Poehler.

Billy Corgan is opening a Tea shop. No one still cares Billy.

50 Cent faked retirement to try to sell records. At least he is honest about it Billy.

Please no one watch “Guys With Kids.”

Liam Neeson is a bad ass and I would still pay to go to this play even though it is him via hologram.

Beauty around the world.

Is college a bad investment?

And finally, VICE gets in touch with Skrillex fans.

Image of seven-leaf clover via Reddit

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