Being noisy in the movie theater? Ninjas might shut you up

Three movie theaters in the UK have taken the somewhat drastic action of hiring ninjas to protect moviegoers from the plague of mid-screening phone calls, talking too loudly, or the dreaded checking-their-fucking-text-messages-every-five-minutes. You’re watching a movie, you’re not in your garage, people.

The ninjas are actually volunteers who wear all-black bodysuits while watching a movie for free, as part of the program. If they see someone screwing things up for everyone else (i.e: the person who won’t turn their phone off in the movie theater or the person who won’t shut up) they are allowed to get up in that person’s face as a shock tactic to get them to stop. The “ninjas” aren’t allowed to hit or touch anyone, yet so far the experiment has proven to be a massive and fun success.

h/t: Gawker