The Red Bull Thre3style World Finals are coming to Chicago

The Red Bull Thre3style World Finals are coming to Chicago

Guys, in case you didn’t know DJs like to compete, guess what? They do.

Red Bull is hosting the Thre3style World Finals in Chicago, and the DJs who have been battling out for months are about to arrive. Here’s the scoop on Thre3style:

Right now, in eighteen countries across the world, DJs are battling for a place at the 2012 Red Bull Thre3style International Final.

This year’s competition climaxes in Chicago, a city immersed in musical legend, where masters of blues, house and hip hop have tred. It’s a city that continues to inspire, and produce forward thinking musicians and artists that are vying for their own place in the city’s annals.

The road to Chicago is not an easy one – first the hopefuls must be crowned the National Champion of their home country, passing through Regional Qualifiers on the way.

The pressure is intense – they have fifteen minutes to blend at least three genres of music, and just one chance to get the crowd on their side. Of course, technical skill is also evaluated, but if the dancefloor isn’t thumping, the party’s not started, and you’ve blown it.

Last year the World Finals were held Vancouver, Canada, not far from where the competition was first dreamed up. From humble beginnings to 2011’s sold out final at the luxurious Commodore Ballroom, Thre3style is a contest that inspires not only the guy with the records – but the baying audience, who want to see more tricks, more drops, more scratching.

It truly is a competition like no other.

Now’s your chance to either pick up tickets or vote for your favorite DJ. Either way, it’s going to be a rocking party.