Web Wrap: Amanda Bynes conspiracy, My Chemical Romance news, and the end of ‘Weeds’

It has been a year since Occupy Wall Street. Where are they now?

Thierry Henry takes an amazing corner kick this weekend. No one watches because he plays in the MLS.

Is there some reason Amanda Bynes is still driving? Really, why the fuck is she still on the road?

New Order consider making new material. As along time New Order fan I hope this is not true.

What you all have been waiting for. My Chemical Romance to release 10 tracks from their scrapped album even though they are quoted even saying that their last album sucked.

The Master is a really good movie. Go see it!

“Weeds'” season finale was last night and if I might say so myself it was excellent.

This guy was saved by a shark. Maybe they are not as bad as the Discovery Channel makes us believe.

Rock star daughters who are total babes.

Image via Reddit

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