Ghostclatter end the hipster movement with one bad video

Ghostclatter are a band, seemingly, from New Mexico. Some may call them a band – I call it a thing that washed up on our Twitter account.

While it might be uncouth of me to rip apart the art of two kids who probably meant well, are probably very nice people, and probably are chill guys, their video consists of a guy DJ’ing on a laptop on top of a dam while surrounded by cans of PBR and packets of American Spirit cigarettes.

Here’s the thing: is it art? No. It is a guy with a laptop on a card table drinking cheap beer on a dam in New Mexico. This is not to say that when I was younger I didn’t partake in PBR or shitty cigarettes but dear god do I know that those two accoutrements of hipsterdom are played out. If Ghostclatter meant for their video to be this hipster-baiting then they have wildly succeeded.

Shit, man, I’ve never been to New Mexico. Maybe this is what they’ve got. Maybe the shit that was in Fader Magazine in 2007 finally made its way over there. Maybe it didn’t. Maybe the scene just never moved on, like Mötley Crüe. Or people who wear sweatpants outside. Hell, who knows for sure? Maybe this is some high-level performance art.

I mean, the song isn’t bad at all. It’s actually quite good in a Jackson & His Computer Band kind of way. Props to two kids in New Mexico with a skill at making catchy laid-back electro music. The video concepts, though, might need a little work.