First Aid Kit release new video for ‘Wolf’

First Aid Kit have done the impossible: they’ve made country music cool to hipsters. Ok, not country music exactly, but country-infused, for sure. Aside from lyrical references to Emmylou Harris, Graham Parsons and Johnny and June Cash, just try listening to the shuffle beat and slide guitar that kicks off “Emmylou” and tell me that’s not country. Likewise, listen to the first eight bars at the start of the new video for their single “Wolf” above and tell me you can’t hear a little of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” in there.

Folk has always been cool—Elliot Smith and Iron and Wine helped usher in a post-grunge folk explosion at the tail end of the 90s. But country? So far the cool kids have tread lightly around country.

So how are these Swedish sisters pulling it off? By writing damn fine songs, for one. Also, for what it’s worth their new video features wolf masks—we all know hipsters love wolves. Check out the video above.

First Aid Kit is on tour now and has an exclusive iTunes session out now, which you can grab here.