Watch Aaron Paul’s fantastic, heartfelt Emmy award acceptance speech

Aaron Paul has been kicking around Hollywood for the better part of the last ten years working as an usher in a movie theater, appearing on The Price Is Right, and doing bit-parts in Everlast videos before making it big in the critically acclaimed “Breaking Bad.”

Last night at the Emmys he won his 2nd award, yet his speech was by far the most heartfelt and honest of the night – in it, he does the prerequisite “follow your dreams” schpiel that many other winners give, but he does it with tears in his eyes and an honest smile on his face. He’s not jaded by stardom, nor trying to be something he isn’t, and in a sea of followers it sure is great to have an actor being himself for once.

He also reveals that he’s engaged to Lauren Parsekian, who apparently heads a nonprofit called the Kind Campaign. So there’s that!

Source: The Daily What