Young Fathers drop mesmerizing single ‘Deadline’

Young Fathers, based in Edingburgh, are blasting out some highly original hip-hop waveforms. Perhaps it has something to do with geographic diversity of its members. The group is comprised of Alloysious Massaquoi, who was born in Liberia, Kayus Bankole, raised by Nigerian migrants, and ‘G’ Hastings, who hails from north Edinburgh. They’ve been producing music together since the age of 14.

“Deadline” is at once tribal, with traces of African rhythm, and futuristic. But it also had a certain punk energy, like the trio is on the cusp of launching some movement, or inspiring kids to rise up. They just signed to Anticon, which should give them a solid boost stateside.

Watch the video below, shot by Young Fathers themselves. And download “Deadline” for free below.