Rone drops ecstatically beautiful techno track ‘Parade’

As a fan of ’90s electronic music, I am very often prone to bemoaning the state of electronic music today. Sure, there are great acts and producers (Solar Bears and Fuck Buttons come to mind), but precious few are as sublime as Orbital, Underworld, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, The Orb and Chemical Brothers; who, while being the biggest and most recognizable, always deliver incredibly sublime tracks. Moments of musical time that function equally as well in the bedroom on headphones as out on the dance floor.

Well, add Rone to this personal roster.

My god, have I been waiting for this moment. Not that Rone doesn’t have his work cut out for him to stay in that rarified electronic music atmosphere; but with the track “Parade” he launches Icarus-style into the upper atmosphere. It’s pure, sublime hubris. It’s ecstatic truth, to borrow a phrase from Werner Herzog. Like all those ecstatic moments, the song works precisely because its whole is so perfect that it resists deconstruction just as two magnetic poles repel one another.

Rone is set to release new LP “Tohu Bohu,” his follow-up to “Spanish Breakfast,” November 5 via InFiné.

Stream “Parade” below and succumb to its ecstatic beauty. I look forward to many years of listening to this kid make music, and you should, too. Thank you, Sir. For the love of the universe, where is a field? I need to run through orange poppy flowers for a few hours I’m so god-damned elated.

Oh, and watch the video for “Parade” below, too.