Sky Ferreira loves the 80s; hates clothes in new video for ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’

Sky Ferreira has been kicking around the Los Angeles indie scene for a few years now and, like anyone with a certain amount of drive and talent, she has been able to carve out a niche. Her video for “Everything Is Embarrassing” features her cavorting atop of a building in black and white looking very sexy in that “oh man, all my clothes are so bagggyyyyyyy does anyone have a down blanket I can be wrapped innnnnn” kind of way.

Its the sort of thing that you knew was bound to be popular since the doctor spun Lana Del Rey around in the doctor’s chair post lip surgery, slowly unwrapping the bandages from her face, before spinning her around to face the mirror. “Behold, Lana Del Rey!” he said and since then major labels have been clamoring for pop singers that don’t look like pop singers because GOD FUCKING KNOWS we’re stuck in a major label loop of talent.

Anyway. Sky Ferreira can actually write a song, which makes “Everything Is Embarrassing” palatable and actually quite pleasant, to be honest. It sounds like Cat Marnell covering Cassius’s “I Love You So” on a handful of downers.