WikiLeaks launches 2012 presidential election intervention

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are both raising insane amounts of money as their respective party’s candidates in the 2012 election, but they’re not the only ones asking for cash. WikiLeaks has launched Vote WikiLeaks: 2012 Donation Campaign, in the hopes of raising funds for their free information efforts.

Citing comments made by Pentagon spokesman George Little, asking WikiLeaks to destroy its publications and warning them against “soliciting” material from U.S. military whistleblowers, WikiLeaks did the opposite. In response to Little’s demands, WikiLeaks has “decided to intervene in the U.S. election campaign.”

“The United States government claims Mr Assange and the WikiLeaks organization are within its jurisdiction,” says WikiLeaks. “In reply, we place the Obama administration within our jurisdiction. All American school children are taught that being subject to laws without representation is an injustice. This is the backbone of the American Revolution.”

WikiLeaks adds, “We claim our representation and now initiate a campaign to transform Democratic and Republican votes into economic and political support for WikiLeaks and its First Amendment values. This election day, do not vote for the Republican or Democratic parties. Instead, cast the only vote that matters. Vote with your wallet – vote for WikiLeaks.”

WikiLeaks called out Obama’s democratic government for not opening government up enough; instead accusing the country of hurtling “toward dystopia.”

According to WikiLeaks, the U.S. government is “building a state within a state, placing nearly five million Americans under the national security clearance system. It has classified more documents than any previous administration, classifying even the process used to decide who will live and who will be killed.”

“Government agencies and corporations know that knowledge is power. That is why they spend literally billions to keep their plans and actions secret from all of us,” adds WikiLeaks. “They know that together we can force them to act differently.” They cite the leaked WikiLeaks documents as the catalyst for the U.S. leaving Iraq, not any real decision on the part of the Obama administration.

That’s debatable, of course, but certainly WikiLeaks’ leaked documents, detailing war atrocities, especially on Iraqi civilians, helped. At any rate, WikiLeaks is asking for donations to keep up its free information work. Head over to the website for more information.

Watch WikiLeaks’s campaign video below.