Lady Gaga tops Bieber with the ultimate puke and rally

Last week Justin Bieber lit up the internet by puking on stage in Glendale, Arizona. This weekend it was Lady Gaga’s turn with a major barf in Barcelona.

In case you’re one of the commenters about to chime in on how incredible it is that she’s able to keep “singing through the puke,” I hate to break it to you—she’s not singing. The prerecorded track carries her through—it’s not possible to actually puke and sing at the same time. She’s not David Blaine.

But it is seriously impressive that she keeps the dance routine going, even improvising to turn her back to the crowd while she retches. She barely even breaks stride. Never once in my life have I thrown up (unless it was wobbling drunk) when it didn’t involve me kneeling in front of the toilet and whimpering for at least a minute afterward like I’d just lost a fight. Singing or no singing, this is a bad-ass puke and rally for the ages.