‘Sexy Big Bird’ Halloween costumes are selling like crazy

Since Big Bird became the internet’s biggest meme celebrity following last week’s presidential debate, Big Bird has apparently become the number-one selling Halloween costume in the nation. ABC reports that CostumeCraze.com has seen a 500% spike above normal demand for its “sassy Big Bird adult costume” since the debate.

CostumeCraze also sells “sassy” Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, and Bert and Ernie costumes. While those costumes are selling well (who doesn’t want to be a sexy homeless green monster who lives in a trash can?) they haven’t enjoyed the insane post-debate spike that adult Big Bird has.

Making a Big Bird costume “sexy” seems like a pretty weird proposition. For starters, as you can see below, you’ve gotta wear an actual bird’s head on top of your head. Starting off any costume with what looks like a dead beak on your head isn’t exactly the most tried-and-true route to sex appeal. Same goes for the rest of the Sesame Street characters—putting Bert and Ernie’s decapitated heads on your head is just a weird place to kick off “sexy.”

Say nothing of the fact that Sesame Street is supposed to embody the innocent time of Freud’s latency period before we were all corrupted by our sex drives. But this is what Halloween does. If it can make a kitten sexy, it can sure as shit make Big Bird sexy.

(For more on the creepy evolution of Halloween costumes from girls to women, see here.)

Embracing the spirit of Halloween, many people are also apparently going for “dead” Big Bird: CostumeCraze says one of its most popular pairings is a Big Bird costume along with Mitt Romney—plus a machine gun.

Well at at least 2012’s costume of the year has a little more levity than last year’s—dead Moammar Gaddafi.

'Sexy Big Bird' Halloween costumes are selling like crazy