Creator of ‘Mad Libs’ ____ at 89

Larry Sloan was a cool guy. Not only did he have a long and fruitful life but he also created one of the best long-car-ride games in the history of kid-dom: Mad Libs. For those unfamiliar, Mad Libs involves taking words out of sentence and asking someone else to fill them in. The results are usually pretty whacky (or full of swear words and names for genitalia, going by my childhood memories of the game) – and the game has endured for years as fun for the whole family. He died at 89 years old.

Formerly a Hollywood press agent who represented the likes of Carol Channing and Mae West, Larry Sloan developed the idea in the 1960s and became a multimillionaire by the early 70s. With his bawdy sense of humor and easy-going nature he grew the company for years until selling the Mad Libs franchise to the Penguin Publishing group in 1993.

He leaves behind a _____ that will surely live on, even if just through the ______ of _______. Larry, this ______ is for you.