Video premiere: Escort covers Gino Soccio’s ‘Dancer’

You know what you don’t hear enough of these days? Disco. Yep, I said it. Disco. And why not—we’ve got a presidential election coming up in which one guy looks like Richard Nixon and the other guy’s opposition compares him to Jimmy Carter. Retro references are de rigeur these days—the time is ripe for a disco resurgence.

Today we’re premiering a video from Escort, a 17-piece party out of Brooklyn, of the band covering Gino Soccio’s disco hit “Dancer” at this year’s SxSW. Looks fun, does it not?

If you want want to bring a little disco into your life (and we recommend that you do) and you happen to be in NYC, you should check out their Halloween show at Webster Hall on 10/27. Founder Dan Balis says, “With so many of us, we’d have fun even if we weren’t playing a show.” But they will be playing a show. Which means the party will be turned up to 11.

Escort is also releasing a remix album of this year’s debut full-length. You can grab it here.

Photo: Victor Diaz Lamich