Web Wrap: Americans are still stupid, ballplayers stil make too much, Questlove becomes a professor

-Jimmy Kimmel asks people who won the presidential debate before it even happened, further proving the stupidity of this nation.

-15 really cool pictures from the National Geographic Photography contest.

-Children need to stop bitching in this country and eat their healthy food that is PROVIDED for them for lunch. Pictures of hungry children in Africa should be wrapped around trash cans at our public schools.

-Lewis Black on Lance Armstrong.

-Baseball players are paid WAY too much!

-Happy birthday Eminem, here are 40 defining moments. I do not think his mom’s autobiography made the list!

-Questlove is to teach a class at NYU.

-Last night’s debate fact checked.

-Reddit creepshot is back….

– Celebrate the anniversary of “The Princess Bride” with this awesome fan art.

-Image via Reddit

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