Ben of Ben & Jerry’s to protest, hand out ice cream in NYC to overturn Citizens United

One year after they made big political news for becoming the first major company to publicly support Occupy Wall Street, Ben & Jerry’s is still at it.

Ben (of Ben & Jerry) will be on hand tomorrow in New York’s Union Square to demand that the Supreme Court overturn its Citizens United decision that allows corporations and rich people to donate anonymously and in unlimited amounts to political campaigns via SuperPAC groups.

Ben will protest, he will stamp and stampede—he will hand out ice cream.

Proving once again that nothing goes together like politics and ice cream, B&J will team up with a grass-roots campaign called Stamp Stampede. A press email says, “Tables will be set up stamping dollar bills with various slogans targeting the corrosive influence of money on politics. Ben will be on hand to offer ice-cream to participants.”

The protest will go down all day in Union Square. They’ll look to “raise awareness about efforts to overturn Citizens United and pass a constitutional amendment to restore democracy.”

This is the first year in which total political spending is expected to exceed $1 billion. And we’ll never know the ways in which whoever wins will be beholden to moneyed interests after taking the oath in January.

Also, free ice cream. 11am to 6pm tomorrow in Union Square.