Parents of the year post embarrassing photos of themselves on daughter’s Facebook as punishment

In 2012 it is almost impossible to punish your children. With your house now being almost a scene from “Tron” it takes some cleverness to punish your child for being rude. That is why these two parents in Wisconsin I am about to tell you about are in the lead for parents of the year.

The daughter of these unnamed parents “got fresh” with them and they punished her by posting embarrassing photos of themselves on her Facebook profile. Side note: if you are like me and had no effing idea what “got fresh” means, it basically means being rude and is a term I think we should all use more often.

What an awesome way to get back at your child. In today’s age of people living vicariously via social networks nothing is more embarrassing then throwing a curveball in how your child would like to be perceived online. These photos that were posted are just a funny way of saying, Don’t be rude to us or we will embarrass you to the whole world.

Now, some people are siding with the child, insisting that it’s wrong and inhumane to embarrass a child like that. Fuck the naysayers—this is excellent. Guess what, guys? I bet this girl will not be rude to her parents again. Is that not the whole idea of punishment? I look at these parents as trailblazers in the new way of punishing children in this generation.

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