Trump Place to Donald Trump: You’re fired

Donald Trump is like that mosquito in your room when you are trying to sleep that just won’t go away. No matter how much you try to ignore it, ultimately it wins out, inflicting much pain on you when you get up in the morning. The Democrats, his multiple ex-wives, and hell even the Republicans would like this talking head just to shut the fuck up.

Whether it is his ridiculous conspiracy that Obama was not born in this country or his constant need of attention for pretty much anything, Donald Trump refuses to go away. Yesterday he dropped his much hyped “bombshell” on this country that pretty much turned out to be a blackmail of our current president in exchange for another 15 minutes of fame.

This is why when a news story like today’s comes across my desk (computer screen) I get a little fuzzy feeling inside like the first time I got a hand job. Donald Trump has been fired from managing his upscale condominium in New York City. Yes, that is right; the man famous for firing D-list celebrities in dramatic fashion just got fired himself. We can only hope that the board members did it in a very dramatic fashion with multiple commercial breaks and Arsenio Hall in the room.

Now, here is a conspiracy to end all Donald Trump conspiracies: What if Trump made this huge deal about having inside information that will change the election just to distract us and cover up the fact that he has been fired from managing his crown jewel? He was fired from this position on Tuesday and you have barely read anywhere about it in the news. After all, love him or hate him Donald Trump is a semi-smart (shudders) man who knows that his relevance is decreasing at a rapped pace since he can’t even convince Fox News that Obama was born in Kenya. Add to this that all of his businesses have been in decline, and this news could have put Donald in a terrible position.

Effective November 1, AKAM Living Services will take over the management duties of Trump Place from Donald’s Trump Organization. With this news we hope that Donald will forever be exiled into actually trying to run businesses instead of hosting reality shows and making shit up for attention. Who am I kidding… He will never go away. Maybe however this will shut everyone up about the October 31st “bombshell,” and get us more focused on the actual election.

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