The entire music world mourns as James Blunt announces he quits the music business

James Blunt, the incredibly popular singer and songwriter well known for much more than just his one big 2005 hit “Beautiful”, has tragically decided to quit the music business.

The effects of his decision are sure to reverberate around the music community and the entire world. James Blunt has often been a symbol of artistic integrity and by no means merely a symbol of getting really rich and banging models in a ski chalet in Switzerland for the last five years. I mean, I’d do that too, given the chance, but hey, its all about the music, you guys.

His album “Back To Bedlam” is in actual fact the biggest selling album in the UK in the entire decade of the 2000s, so somewhere between the staggering amount of women he’s slept with and the heaps of filthy, filthy lucre that he has acquired over the years methinks he’s going to be alright. Did you know he has released two (count ‘em!) more albums since then? He has. This prolific sound-king is the veritable Miles Davis of things you haven’t nor will ever listen to.

But while James toils away in artistic semi-obscurity as publications like us mock him for his crap, middle-of-the-road music, it must be said that the guy does have a sense of humor about himself. Take this 2010 appearance on British quiz show Never Mind The Buzzcocks in which he actually does great. Hopefully he can channel this kind of energy into something that doesn’t sound as heinous as “You’re Beautiful”, eh?