Obama vs. Romney: Which one is a shape-shifting lizard person?

So, in case you were not aware, there is a large amount of internet space occupied by those who believe that nearly all political leaders, entertainers and super rich people are actually 12 foot tall blood-drinking, shape-shifting lizards from the Alpha Draconis star system, engaged in a conspiracy to destroy humanity. For serious.

I believe the whole theory was first thought up by noted tin foil milliner and ex-footballer, David Icke. Anyway, one thing the lizard people conspiracists like to do is to post videos of people supposedly shape shifting into lizards! Weirdly, most of them are of either newscasters or Rihanna (they’re super big on Rihanna being a tool of the illumnati also, FYI), but both Obama and Romney have quite a few as well. Now, personally, I don’t believe in the lizard people, but you might want to examine the evidence for yourself.

So, Mitt Romney’s eyes supposedly change shape? And according to the poster of the Obama video, the evidence is that he is sweaty from trying to maintain his human hologram thing that prevents people from seeing that he is a lizard person. Which makes total sense. Maybe? I guess if I had to pick, I’d guess that Obama is the lizard person and Mittens is an evil robot. There’s something definitely robot-y about his jawline. What say you?