Donald Trump is a sad idiot: Hurricane Sandy edition

Human thumb and walking pro-choice billboard Donald Trump was busy during the hurricane. Like many people, he tweeted several times during the monumental storm. He did not, however, use his powers for the forces of good.

It isn’t that Donald Trump is a terrible businessman – that is both well documented and unanimously agreed upon – it is that he has no respect for humanity. In taking a giant disaster like Hurricane Sandy and spinning it to reflect his own warped views, Trump has proven himself to be the lowest of the low – a shapeshifting husk of a human, and possibly one of the single worst bags of skin ever to be born on this woeful planet of ours. It is to this that I ask that perhaps Trump can be taken out back and shot – Old Yeller style – by a tearful nation. Sure, we’ve had our fun, and he’s had a good run. But then again, so did M*A*S*H*, and so did bell-bottom jeans. These were retired by the American people – why can’t someone as insidious and as morally decrepit as Trump be, too? I’m not asking that we kill Donald Trump, I’m asking that he volunteers himself to be shot in the face so that none of us have to deal with his awful, terrible rhetoric.