Big Dog joins the fight against Bachmann’s reelection

President Bill Clinton stumped inside a St. Cloud State University ballroom yesterday for Jim Graves, the Democrat running against Michele Bachmann in a tight race for Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District. Which is a lot like sending in a tank to settle a domestic dispute.

Star Trib poll released two weeks ago clocked Bachmann in the lead at 51%, with hotelier Graves trailing at 45% — close enough (I guess?) to bring in the Democrats’ clean-up man for some swaying. Although with the presidential race as tight as it is, maybe this isn’t the best time to send Clinton to fight the local races? I dunno anything.

Or, perhaps, this time it’s personal. In addition to trying to stem off any Republican surge in Minnesota, maybe Clinton wanted to put the hurt on the three-time congresswoman responsible for leading a witch hunt against one of his wife’s main aides. Though the 41st president didn’t take any hard swings at Bachmann. Clinton, who put his name on an email blast for Graves last week, focused his talking points on Graves’ understanding of “real economics” and President Obama’s saving the auto industry. (However the rally’s opening act, Al Franken, took a few shots at the Tea Party princess for supporting Paul Ryan’s budget.)

This isn’t the first time Big Dog campaigned alongside a congressional opponent of Bachmann’s. In 2010 Clinton stumped for Tarryl Clark, who lost to Bachmann by 13 points. Chase Kroll, Bachmann’s campaign manager, did not hesitate to bring up this point after yesterday’s stump.

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