Watch Obama reprise ‘Fired Up, Ready to Go’ at his last-ever campaign rally

Last night Obama held the last campaign rally of his political career in Des Moines, Iowa, the site of his huge first primary win in 2008 that put him on the map as a serious contender for president. It was obviously a sentimental night for the President and his crew—he even teared up a little during his speech—and he wrapped it up by reprising one of the greatest hits of 2008: the “Fired Up, Ready to Go” story.

The ghosts of 2008 haunted Obama’s campaign strategy early in 2012—what do you say when you ran on hope and optimism last time and have just weathered an extremely difficult four years, with people feeling burnt out and discouraged? His team crafted “Forward” as a new campaign slogan this year to try to retain some of the positivity without appearing naive in sinking back into the hope and change that didn’t deliver as it might have during his term. His final speech last night was a tightrope balancing act of forward momentum and the starry-eyed hope of 2008.

Watch “Fired Up, Ready to Go” one last time.