Nicolas Cage will be in 12 movies next year

Over here at Death and Taxes we can never get enough of the Cage. We actually treat him like another employee and leave an extra desk open just in case he wants to come in some day and drink some brews with us. That is why it is our pleasure today to let you guys know that the Cage will be in about 12 movies in the next year. Not all have been confirmed, but this news is too good to sit on. Plus, if there’s one thing we know about Cage it’s that turning stuff down isn’t exactly his specialty.

Cage kicking ass. Check. Cage finding treasure. Check. Cage in a comic book movie. Check. Cage looking like he is about to shit. Check. I could go on for days but you get the point—he is in fucking everything. So get ready for 12 movies starring the perplexed face of the Cage.

Some cite his massive debt as his reasons as he still owes about $7 million in back taxes but we think it is just Cage giving us, the consumer, what we want, which is undoubtedly more Cage. You can just never get enough of that smooth looking face. He makes us laugh, he makes us cry, but more importantly he makes us wonder how the fuck a “Ghostrider 2″ got pushed through production.

So check out below a list of his upcoming movies and, Mr. Cage, if you read this please give us a call. We really want to hang out with you.

“National Treasure 3″ (confirmed, no release date yet)
“The Expendables 3″ (according to Sly Stallone, no release date yet)
“I Am Wrath” (rumored, 2014)
“Left Behind” (confirmed, 2014)
“Tokarev” (rumored, 2013)
“Joe” (confirmed, 2013)
“Outcast” (confirmed, 2013)
“Wild Side” (confirmed, 2013)
“Marble City” (confirmed, 2012)
“Frank or Francis” (confirmed, no release date yet)
“Kick-Ass 2″ (confirmed, 2013)
“The Croods” (confirmed & completed, 2013)
“The Frozen Ground” (confirmed & completed, 2013)
“Stolen” (opening in India this Friday)

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