Pretty much the most fashionable UFO cult ever

The Mormons have their blessed undergarments (which apparently do not have the power to win elections), the Heaven’s Gate cult had their purple Nikes… but neither of them can compete with the sartorial splendor that is the Unarius Academy of Science. Behold!

The lady hosting this glorious pageantry is Ruth Norman, aka “Uriel”, who is basically your new hero. She took over the cult leadership after her husband, its founder, died in the ’70s. She’s dead now, but when she was alive, she spent most of her time communicating with a spirit named “loshanna” and together, she and loshanna solved all of the problems of all of the 33 planets that were in no way a figment of anyone’s imagination. It seems the cult has mostly disbanded since 2001 when the Muons totally failed to land their spacecraft at the Conclave of Light and bitches started getting skeptical, but if you are interested in joining up, it seems that they still have a website! Huzzah!