I interviewed my Republican father about the election

I did one of the most anxiety-inducing things possible for me and spoke to my father about politics and Mitt Romney. He is 49 years old and has served in Kuwait, Honduras, Afghanistan, and Iraq several times. He is a native Californian who recently retired in Leavenworth, Kansas. This is the first year he voted outside of California. The first time he voted was for Reagan. He looked like this:

I interviewed my Republican father about the election

Can I ask you some questions about the election?
Hahaha! I guess.

Who did you vote for?
Romney. But, I didn’t go straight down the political line. When I look at the political line, I mean, I’m over the middle, I’m definitely to the right but I don’t agree with everything Republicans want.

Why did you vote for Romney?
Obama didn’t come through, in my opinion. He said, “If I don’t do this…” you know, then find someone who can. Those were his words, not mine. And sure he may have done thing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, but what about 7 through 12? Obama talked about immigration reform. I know all presidents campaign and say things that might not be able to happen but…he didn’t do shit about immigration. And that’s a big problem for our country, especially where you live.

But Romney…
OK, right. Romney seemed like a successful businessman and maybe that’s what our country needs to turn around our financial mess. Have you ever seen “Dave”?

No, but I know of it.
OK, you need to rent it. Or Netflix it, whatever. I won’t give it away but they get an accountant and you know, he looks at the country and says “we’re losing money here, cut this, cut that”, etc., and the two parties reach across the line and compromise.

What did you think about Ryan? Did he have any bearing over your vote?
Eh, VPs don’t mean shit. For either party. I’ll give you an example: Dan Quayle. He was a safeguard! They kept him around because he was so stupid that no one would want to assassinate Bush.

Who did Kelly [my stepmother] vote for?
I don’t know. We didn’t talk about it. I’m pretty sure for Romney.

Well, I’m sure she has had friends or herself has been faced with an abortion. I know she has utilized the benefits of Planned Parenthood, so where-
Like I said, I’m not straight down the line. I think it should be pro-choice. But it shouldn’t be a freebie for fucking up. It’s not birth control. If you get raped or there is a disease involved or it’s going to do more harm than not then I understand but Jimmy and Jamie screwing around without a condom, they should have to deal with the consequences. And maybe people will think more about sex before they do it and the abortion rates will go down. Sure there might be some hard times when you’re pregnant but if you carry it at the end you have a child to give to some family who can’t have children, too.

Alright, well what do you think Obama needs to do now in the next four to be up to snuff?
This is my keyword for his success, and the country:  compromise. He can’t stronghold and use executive authority to pass bills. Obamacare has so many holes because it was rushed through. I want adult kids to have health insurance. You get out of college and it’s hard to find health insurance…We need to shift toward the middle and focus on the country, not the parties. I sure the fuck don’t want another four years of debt before we go bankrupt like Greece. And the EU isn’t gonna bail us out. Oh, and strong foreign policy. We as the superpower, if you can even call us that anymore, shouldn’t take a back seat in foreign affairs.

Thanks for answering these questions.
I saw so much bullshit on Facebook today.