6 things you should know about George P. Bush

Meet George P. Bush, son of Governor Jeb Bush, grandson of President George H.W. Bush, nephew of President George W. Bush. The 36 year-old filed for campaign treasurer in Texas this week. Which means the former attorney can legally accept contributions to run for state public office.

For what office, it is unknown. It has been speculated George P. will take a shot at either state attorney general or the Texas General Land Office, whose current land commissioner is gunning for the lieutenant governor spot in 2014. We’ll see. For now, let’s hop on the factoid express and familiarize ourselves with the Bush kin.

1. He is the deputy finance chair for the Republican Party of Texas.
6 things you should know about George P. Bush
In August, George P. was crowned deputy finance chair because of his previous experience co-founding MavPAC. He’s proven himself capable of raising funds for Republican candidates.

2. He served a six-month tour of Afghanistan in the U.S. Navy.
6 things you should know about George P. Bush
Unlike his father (who registered for the military draft but whose number was not called), George P. has been Over There. As a U.S. Naval intelligence officer, he was registered in under a different name to protect his anonymity. The enlisted men he served next to supposedly didn’t even know his identity.

3. He was a big Mitt Romney supporter.
6 things you should know about George P. Bush
“Mitt, if you look at his track record,” he told a Miami TV station during Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, “essentially anything he touches has turned to gold.”

4. He is half-Mexican.
6 things you should know about George P. Bush
In light of the GOP’s colossal failure with minority groups on Tuesday, pundits have been scratching their heads on how the traditional lily-white Republican Party can evolve in line with American demographics. (Latinos crossed 10 percent of the vote for the first time this year and are expected to keep growing as a voting bloc.) To that end, George P. might represent something of a poster child for that evolution.

5. A Texas election might not be such a cake walk.
6 things you should know about George P. Bush
The Bush brand is still huge in the Lone Star State, but Tea Partiers will need to straighten up on rhetoric if they want to embrace the latino vote. New members of the Texas House have discussed pushing policy similar to that of Arizona’s immigration enforcement, which comes across strongly anti-Hispanic to swing voters.

George P., raised in the Sunshine State but moved to Texas in 2006, has a mother named Columba and was previously nicknamed “the Republican Party’s Ricky Martin.” Just sayin’. (Above: George P. on October 7, rallying with Juntos con Romney in South Florida.)

6. He is more articulate than Uncle Dubya. Maybe.

Here’s video of Bush in action, visiting a Boys & Girls Club in south Texas last month.