Here’s a new Alabama Shakes song, ‘Always Alright’

Alabama Shakes is easily one of 2012’s biggest breakout success stories. Earlier this year we declared their debut record “Boys and Girls” the album of the summer, and their single “Hold On” may well be the song of the year. But they’re not the kind of breakout success that won’t ring a bell in two years—part of their charm is their timelessness. “Boys and Girls” could just as easily have come out in 1976 as 2012, and would have been equally welcome in either.

Now they’ve been tapped to provide a new song for an upcoming Bradley Cooper “Silver Linings Playbook,” which comes out November 21. As usual, it’s a simple infectious tune that locks into a beautiful groove and never lets go. Check it out below (you’ll have to deal with some sound cutting in from the movie, which is annoying but not overwhelming).