Head of US spy agency resigns for failing to keep his affair secret

In Ben Affleck’s new movie “Argo” there’s a scene where Bryan Cranston, playing a CIA man in Washington, tells an underling he needs to find some top White House brass to sign off on an operation. The underling asks him how they should go about finding him, to which Cranston yells, “How do we find him—we’re a fucking spy agency!”

In related “we’re a fucking spy agency” news today, general David Petraeus has resigned unexpectedly as head of the CIA due an extramarital affair that he apparently failed to keep secret.

In a letter Petraeus said “such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours,” and said he’d exhibited “extremely poor judgement.”

Petraeus rose to fame as the Army general appointed by President Bush to oversee operations in Iraq, and was kept on by Obama and named CIA director in 2011.

According to Petraeus, the Obama administration “graciously accepted” his resignation. Deputy Director Mike Morrell is likely to get the job. Read Petraeus’ full letter at NBC.