Hot new trend: Insisting that the bigoted stuff you do and say does not make you a bigot

This lady is totally not a racist, she just likes to use racial epithets while calling for the assassination of the President who just so happens to be black. This couple is also totally not racist- they just think it’s way appropriate to lynch a chair, representing said black President in their backyard. Bill O’Reilly, also not a racist, just simply mourns the loss of the white establishment, which he equates with “Traditional American Values”. These people? Totally not bigots. Just more protectors of Traditional American Values.

You can tell they’re not because they are very worried that if the gays are allowed to get married, that Christians will be considered bigots for disapproving. You know, like how people who were in favor of Jim Crow laws were so not considered bigots by anyone until the Civil Rights Act happened. Prior to that, they were just protectors of Traditional American Values who believed that the glorious sanctity of whites-only water bubblers must be protected at all costs.

How is this a thing? Can someone explain to me why there seems to be such a large population of people who so desperately want to be able to discriminate against people, and to say and do bigoted things without being called bigots? Inquiring minds want to know- if these things are not racist, if these things are not bigoted… then what the hell is?

I don’t think these people are as stupid or as ignorant as they pretend to be. There is just no way that an adult human who has lived in this country all their lives has no idea whatsoever that saying the n-word is a racist thing for a white person to do. There is no way they don’t know that’s offensive. Similarly, homophobes would not be so concerned with not being perceived as bigots if they were not well aware that they were being bigoted in the first place. When you’re not doing anything bigoted, you don’t have to worry about people thinking you’re a bigot. Same thing with racism, same thing with sexism, same thing with any “ism”.

If you have the balls to do and say things that people find deeply offensive, then you should, at the very least, have the balls to cop to the fact that it’s offensive. Stop putting all the blame on your religion, or your Traditional American Values and just admit that you’re an ass.