Live review: Youngblood Hawke

A few weeks ago my pal Megan B over at Universal Republic tipped me off to this sexy sextet from California called Youngblood Hawke. They were of the pop variety, doing this cool, quirky LA-version of fun.-fucks-Passion-Pit-with-a-Modest-Mouse-condom-on thing, and they’d just dropped their first single “We Come Running.”

Fast forward to now, and “We Come Running” is blowing up the airwaves everywhere. As the song permeates the rest of the country’s ears, intrigue around them intensifies on my end. So when I heard about the band doing a secret show at Pianos last week, their first NYC appearance ever, I thought I’d see what the buzz was all about.

If you’ve never been, Pianos is the perfect place to see a show because it’s an intimate setting in the back of a bar that comfortably fits around 100 people. The food is good and there’s usually something on special before the show.

Youngblood Hawke, with ailed frontman in tow, took the stage around 7:45pm to crowd of around 75 and showcased material from their debut EP as well as a few tracks from the upcoming full-length. Much of their team at UMG attended, and even under the watchful eye of their support the group delivered—in spite of singer Sam Martin’s terrible cold. Youngblood’s lively performance brought keyboard, tambourine, and auxiliary percussion into the mix. I suppose spending the last few weeks on the road with Passion Pit didn’t hurt them on that front. That’s a crash course in how to put on a show right there. Keep up with Youngblood Hawke on Facebook as they continue to win hearts with their friendly disposition and catchy pop.

Photo by Megan Brandt