Check out Kurt Cobain’s handwritten list of top 50 albums

Check out Kurt Cobain's handwritten list of top 50 albums
Our friends over at Flavorwire found this list, originally published in Kurt Cobain’s “Journals.” Handwritten, it starts with Iggy & The Stooges, and spans through the best of ’80s and early ’90s alt rock, from The Clash to R.E.M. to Sonic Youth, all the way to the punk band Swans’ 1984 EP “Raping a Slave,” also known as “Young God.” There are definitely a few wildcards in there, like The Beatles’ “Meet The Beatles,” which could be on anyone’s top 50 but seems slightly out of place on this one; and Butthole Surfers’ “Technician,” which makes sense, but, you know, it’s weird to see them on such an illustrious list. It’s also worth noting that Public Enemy made the list with “Takes a Nation of Millions.”

Either way, listening to these albums all in a row would be a great way to kill extra hours for a week or two, or just to school yourself on a very interesting decade and a half or so of music.