You can now legally tell a police officer to ‘Fuck Off’ in Australia

A Queensland judge has ruled it perfectly acceptable to tell a police officer to “fuck off” in Australia, according to an interesting court case.

On December 20th of last year a female police officer poured out Bardon Kaitira’s girlfriend’s drink (presumably because it was 2:40am) – Bardon then allegedly told the police officer to “fuck off” very calmly as he walked away.

“The defendant said ‘f*ck off’ and starting walking away and I asked: ‘What did you say?’,” she said.

“He said ‘f*ck off” again and then said: ‘I don’t like the police you think you are all heroes’.

“I told him it was an offence to swear at an officer and gave him two choices – a fine or be arrested.”

He chose to be arrested. But he turned out to be no ordinary lout: he then read through hundreds of similar legal cases and lawyered up. His legal bills costed around $2527, all of which the police may now be required to pay back.