Live Review: Tame Impala at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Photos: Emily Chambliss

No Nor’easter could disrupt the psychedelic waves of Tame Impala who rocked out Music Hall of Williamsburg November 7. The Australian band took the stage with no delays despite the unseasonal snow storm outside which likewise didn’t seem to filter the sold-out audience either.

Warming up with “Lonerism” opener “Be Above It,” the band wasted no time to deliver their garagey goods, plowing right into “Innerspeaker” single and fan favorite “Solitude is Bliss” right after which set off the night into a warm buzz of hazey indie rock. Highlights included the dreamy ballad “Mind Mischief,” the krautrock vamp in “Desire Be Desire Go” and lead singer Kevin Parker’s bare feet which gave the show a relaxed vibe that totally made you forget that Brooklyn was getting a pre-mature freeze-over outside.

Tame Impala are currently on their way to hit up some California spots before booking back to their home turf in December. “Lonerism” is out now on Modular Recordings.