Teen Mom’s ‘I Wanna Go Out’ is your new favorite song

Teen Mom provided us with a new song. They did. That much is true. After spending hours sifting through bad music pitch after bad music pitch its great to hear something as fresh and, well, young sounding as Teen Mom.

Teen Mom’s “I Wanna Go Out” comes off as an angst-eclair of sorts: harder on the outside yet soft in the middle, sweet, yet detached enough not to make you sick after repeat listens. The previous sentence won the award for most-stretched analogy of 2012, so lets give it a big round of applause. The song could very easily have been yelled by a lesser band; here, singer/guitarist Chris Kelly focuses on delivering the vocals as if he actually, truly, wants to go out. It helps that the song sounds as if it could have come out at any point in the last 30 years: there are shades of The Pretenders, Nada Surf, and Sonic Youth in here. Preorder the EP here, and listen for yourself below.

Teen Mom – “I Wanna Go Out” by Analog Edition Records