Pat Robertson excuses Petraeus because he was seduced by a runner of marathons

Lord Voldemort Pat Robertson is rarely this giggly about the sinning, but this is just such adorable sinning that he cannot help himself. Here he is on his television program, “Supermarket Sweep,” explaining that General Petraeus is hardly to blame for all this infidelity stuff. I mean, there was a very attractive woman, who was a marathon runner, and then there was all that propinquity and, after all, he is just a man and boys will be boys! How could he possibly resist her? She was throwing herself at him! He could not run away, obviously, because she is a marathon runner and would obviously catch up very quickly. Clearly, it is the scarlet woman who is at fault here, because that’s how it always was in The Bible with all the apples and hair cutting and looking backwards and stuff.

Personally, I think it’s weird that we even give so much a of crap about the marital infidelity of politicians. It doesn’t make much sense to me, and I care a bit more about whether they are doing a good job than about who they’re banging or sexting or whatevs. I mean, except for when it is delightfully hypocritical or schadenfreude-y, as in the case of Newt Gingrich or the myriad anti-gay Republicans who have been outed as gay themselves. That shit is glorious and I will eat it with a spoon. However, given the fact that adultery is actually a Ten Commandments thing, and pretty much none of the other things that Robertson is constantly freaking out about are ever Ten Commandments things, you think he’d have some fire and brimstone for the dude. Because I think those are supposed to be the important ones?

Via Right Wing Watch