Watch The Weeknd’s epic collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, ‘Remember You’

Wiz Khalifa will release a new record next month, and the first glimpse we’re getting is not your average Wiz track. “Remember You,” a collaboration with The Weeknd, is an odd pairing of The Weeknd’s sad, vaguely futurist stripped-down R&B with Khalifa’s rap verses. Both artists tend to romp thematically in conspicuous consumption, The Weeknd vice being cheap sex and drugs, and Khalifa’s being money. The two meet here in a kind of surreal party scene with a diner waitress ending up a party out of “Eyes Wide Shut” while Khalifa stands around getting tailored for some new bespoke clothes.

“O.N.I.F.C” is out December 4th. Watch “Remember You” below.