Harry Reid: Scott Brown’s idea of bipartisanship ‘a big joke’

The rumor mill is still grinding away at the idea of Senator John Kerry (D-MA) taking over as Secretary of State for Hillary Clinton, who announced she’s stepping down after President Obama’s second term inauguration. But who, then, would take Kerry’s senator seat in Massachusetts? That’s fodder for another political junkie’s rumor mill entirely.

Scott Brown, who sees Kerry as an “excellent” would-be cabinet member in the Obama administration, is believed to be in the running if and when the opportunity comes up. (Brown lost his senate seat to Elizabeth Warren last week.) No announcement has come from the White House about Kerry at this point — no word from Kerry, either, for that matter — but that didn’t stop Senator majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) from dismissing Brown as a viable candidate. Reid believes Brown’s self-proclaimed bipartisanship is a facade.

“That’s a big joke,” Reid told reporters at a press conference Wednesday. “It’s a travesty. He’s one of the most partisan people. He could have saved Citizens United. He could have been the 60th vote on many other things.”

Brown, winning the Massachusetts junior senator seat in 2010 in a special election after the death of Ted Kennedy, gained appeal among centrist voters for touting himself as “an independent thinker.” Reid thinks otherwise.

When asked on Tuesday whether or not Brown would be interested in vying for Kerry’s would-be vacancy, Brown gave a non-answer. “My biggest job right now is to make sure there’s a smooth transition from my office to [Warren’s] office.”