Pro tip: when counterfeiting bills, make sure you use the right president

I have always been intrigued with counterfeiting bills. It takes a lot of time and knowledge to be able to recreate what we use today as legal tender. Usually when you think of people who counterfeit you picture Pierce Brosnan in “The Thomas Crown Affair”; a well-off smart criminal who wears suits and is a detailed-oriented person. After all, to counterfeit one would think that details were of the utmost importance.

Not all counterfeiters, it turns out. A Rhode Island man was caught at a Target trying to pay with a $100 bill with president Abraham Lincoln on the front. Hopefully all you reading at home know that Abraham Lincoln is in fact on the $5 and not the one that rappers throw at strippers to make it rain. One would think that the first thing to make sure of while counterfeiting bills is getting the right president. With all the hi-tech precautions on bills today it’s pretty hilarious that the old tired and true face on the bill is what got this counterfeiter.

Dana Leland of Central Falls, R.I., plead not guilty to counterfeiting charges. One has to wonder how the defense is going to play this. I mean, how often do you get $100 as change at your local grocery store? Nevertheless here is your tip of the day for any aspiring counterfeiters out there: pay attention to detail.

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