Here’s the Rihanna/ Chris Brown duet you’ve been dreading, ‘Nobody’s Business’

Chris Brown just might have made himself the most hated living celebrity when he beat up Rihanna, and he really freaked everyone out when he got a neck tattoo of what looks an awful lot like a beaten woman. The whole saga was one of the biggest pop-culture stories of the last five years to the point that when Rihanna thought about forgiving him she had to go on “Oprah” to talk about it.

But it’s none of your business. And I guess it isn’t, really. But when you’re that famous and you beat up your girlfriend, it kind of becomes everyone’s business. At any rate, you can listen to reunited pair below on a track, despite its R&B pleasant groove is pretty forgettable—which I guess is as much as we could ask from this much-anticipated track. No judging, though. (Except maybe a little bit.)