Web Wrap: Anderson Cooper at it again, Jay-Z’s beef, Liz Lemon is getting married

-Ever wanted to be a condom tester? Move to China.

-Anderson Cooper wonders why his day time TV show is getting canceled. Today he eats a 24 foot gummy snake with Andy Cohen.

-Behold” the beauty of “Skyfall.”

-The David Petraeus scandal explained simply.

-Robert De Niro and Jay-Z are beefing.

-Cute Alert!

-31 really clever kids.

-The latest evidence of economic recovery: dog architecture.

-So you are watching a commercial and a song comes on that you can not get out of your head. It is probable one of these.

-Liz Lemon is getting married!

-10 most manly funerals.

-Image: Shirtless FBI agent in the Petraeus scandal, via Gawker/ The Seattle Times.

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