Harmony Korine’s ‘Spring Breakers’ gets spring break 2013 release date

What’s got (a lot of) thumbs (probably), James Franco and Selena Gomez, and is actually coming out during a time that would make perfect sense? Why, it’s one of Death and Taxes most anticipated movies of next year: Spring Breakers.

In a decision that makes perfect sense, Indiewire reports that, yes, ‘Spring Breakers’ will actually see a spring break release date. And if this review is anything to go by, it sure looks interesting:

As Korine explained in an interview with Indiewire, “criminal culture feels like the last vestige of American rebellion.” No scene demonstrates the unlikely bridge between teen mayhem and outlaw delusions than when one of the young spring breakers jabs a gun in Alien’s mouth and he responds by giving it a blowjob. … Topless women caked in beer fellate popsicles while their shirtless male peers shout to the wind, a ritualistic process rendered in slo-mo and set to a pulsing techno soundtrack by Skrillex.